Juniata County Conservation District houses the Juniata County Recycling Program. Since 2014, JCCD has collected Juniata County municipal and business recycling reports for submission of mandated annual reporting to the department of Environmental Protection. In addition to reporting, the recycling coordinator provides resources and support to businesses, individuals, and municipalities seeking recycling programming opportunities and information and educates the public regarding recycling trends and practices through a quarterly column, Think Outside the Bin, in the local newspapers. Juniata County Conservation district holds membership with Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP).

In response to community demand, Juniata County Conservation District purchased six (6) 32-gallon recycling bins with single stream lids for use by Juniata County residents and agencies hosting events. The event representative is responsible for the delivery and expense of recycling, but the use of the bins is free.

Juniata County Conservation District hosts two annual community recycling events-Electronics Recycling Day and Tire Recycling Challenge (Tire Wars). These events are made possible with the support of Keep Juniata County Beautiful and reimbursement funding provided by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Electronics Recycling Day and Tire Recycling Challenge are fee-for-service events held the fourth Saturday of April and the fourth Saturday of September, respectively, at the Juniata County Fairgrounds. Event announcements are made via radio broadcasts, local newspaper advertisement, social media, and flyer distribution.

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