Dirt & Gravel Roads Program

The Dirt, Gravel, & Low Volume Roads Program began in Juniata County in 1998 (low volume roads starting in 2015). There are more than 26,000 miles of dirt & gravel roads in Pennsylvania. Funding for the Dirt & Gravel Roads Program is provided through Pennsylvania’s Motor Vehicles License Fund.

This program helps to cost share road improvements by local municipalities within Juniata County. These improvements are designed to decrease stream pollution caused by runoff from unpaved and low volume roads. Types of Best Management Practices (BMPs) utilized on dirt & gravel road projects include proper drainage measures, water bars, cross pipes, inlet protection, use of geotextile, use of Driving Surface Aggregate (DSA), etc. All projects are designed site specific, between the municipal officials & the District staff.

For a municipality to become eligible (or maintain eligibility) for funds under this program, at least one municipal leader must attend a two-day Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance (ESM) of Dirt & Gravel Roads course, which is done through the Center for Dirt & Gravel Road Studies at the Penn State University. This must be done prior to an application being submitted to the District for potential funding.

Applications are accepted on rolling basis with deadlines being April 1st and October 1st. A District Technician will notify townships eligible for program funding when funding is available and applications will be accepted. All applications are ranked & scored using standardized criteria, and the Juniata County Conservation District Board of Directors ultimately approves applications, as funding is available.

The Juniata County Conservation District has allocated about $838,895.00 to its eligible municipalities from 1998 through 2018 for projects involving unpaved roads.

For projects involving low volume roads the Juniata County Conservation District has allocated about $214,700.00.

For more information, please contact Michael Lock, Resource Conservation Technician, at 717-436-8953, extension 5.


Juniata CCD Quality Assurance Board Policy

Grant Application

Dirt & Gravel Roads Forms/Materials -https://www.dirtandgravel.psu.edu/general-resources

Dirt & Gravel Roads Training - https://www.dirtandgravel.psu.edu/education-and-training/esm-course